Our Impact

Clean Water

Through partnerships with local contractors and international programs, such as Clean Water for the World, we install simple and accessible water purification systems for communities in need of clean water.

Sustainable Food Source

We locate appropriate farmland, and work alongside local farmers and international agriculturalists to help communities raise and sell produce and/or livestock. For communities with the ability to cultivate a sustainable independent farm, this support empowers them to be self sufficient, to feed the youth, and to earn a constant income.

Health & Sanitation

Our contractors design and construct campuses with adequate space to prevent overcrowding and the spread of disease. We create programs to ensure the health and hygienic needs of impoverished children are given proper attention. We also source funds to help subsidize the cost of important medical resources, such as HIV medication.


Linc Worldwide believes that education is the key to the future for our youth. We work to make education accessible and affordable by finding sources to fund the provision of school supplies. We also assist in making school environments more conducive to learning by offering support with electrical and maintenance needs, and child care programs.

Safety & Security

We work passionately to ensure the security of our project and school environments, with training for staff members, and access to necessary materials that promote safety for the youth. This core resource provides the opportunity for youth to grow, develop, and become contributing members in their communities.


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