Awasi School


In Kenya there are 2.6 million orphaned or vulnerable children, and only 11% of them go to school. Many public schools are primitive rooms with dirt floors and no walls; books are rare and teachers are poorly trained. Government schools are supposed to be free-access to everyone, but when poor students can’t afford the uniform, schools close their doors to them.

We’re going to make education work for the children in Awasi.

We believe that the children in underserved communities not only have unique gifts to offer, but have an unparalleled drive to go to school. If we equip them with a quality education and a network of support, they will achieve Children will learn to become leaders who will be able to impact their communities in ways we cannot.

Awasi School

Imagine a school where every child is welcome, regardless of finances.
Imagine a school where children who never had the chance to step foot inside a classroom, will outperform their peers across the region.

This school will provide education to orphaned and impoverished children in the area. Families will take in orphaned children but are then unable to feed them or send them to school. Children will learn to become leaders who will do things that we could never.

Because many families in the area also do not have access to a water source, we will drill a well to supply our school with water and work closely with the community to provide aid to their water crisis.

We’re building a primary school where 160 students will get the education of their lifetime. We broke ground in July 2016. Join us in finishing Phase One (construction) at Phase One Campaign.  




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